How to be a good basketball player

Sports in general require strong physic. But sports like basketball where you can’t be off guard for a second demands high level fitness and energy. Without high level of fitness you can’t go up and become a big basketball player in the country. To start with you need to have height and then physical stamina. You can increase the stamina by working out in gym. But skills you need to keep practicing them day in day out. With the kind of competition for a place in any team, anyone who get chance to be in the playing team has to work hard to keep his place otherwise he will be relegated to reserves which nobody wants.

Different skills needed

You have to be strong on your legs as you have to go up and down the court a lot of times during the match. It will have its own demands. Apart from physical stamina, one has to be quiet skilled in handling the ball, dribbling it down without losing the ball to the opponents. One important skill is how to pass the ball to your mate without getting overturned by the opponent defense players. Other important aspect is you should be good enough to score a basket from outside the circle which will give you maximum of 3 points and normally used to break the shackles.  Also you should have quality shooting skill that will help you to score highly. Jumping is another skill that will allow you to score through slam dunks. Also it will help you to block opponent from scoring and let you score also.

It’s a high octane game which involves lot of running, jumping and some hard fought battles in the court. So often you can see players get substituted.  It is mainly to rotate the players so that they won’t get tired easily and also some strategically. Also often you can see people try shooting from outside the circle to score maximum points, but sometimes they are forced to do that as the opponent defense don’t let them attack the inner area. One must keep eye on their players how they are moving so they can pass the ball accordingly.

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